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We specialise in Ski Tips to popular locations such as Veseau, Val D’Isere and Tignes, our Coach and Minibus prices tend to beat 90% of competitor quotes. Start your exciting journey now by calling us on 0203 823 6988 or entering your request online.

Coach Hire for Ski Holidays

At CoachScanner, we offer safe, affordable and reliable ski coach hire services to numerous destinations in the UK and across Europe. We specialise in first-class transportation for ski weekends in Scotland, France, and Switzerland, working with travel agents and groups both small and large.

Ski-spec Coach Hire for Ski Holidays

In addition to our usual fleet of vehicles, at CoachScanner, we have a variety of ski-spec vehicles that are especially designed for transportation to and from some of Europe's most popular ski destinations. These vehicles are fitted with advanced heating systems, larger engines, and hardy winter tyres.

Skiing can be an expensive getaway; however, if you choose to travel by coach rather than by plane, you could chop an enormous chunk off the cost of your ski holiday. We pride ourselves on our affordable, reliable minibus and coach hire offering, which could save you thousands of pounds.

Our vehicles can carry between 8 and 97 passengers and have extensive storage space, which means you can take all your ski equipment with you, without having to pay extortionate airplane hold luggage fees or having to hire equipment directly from the ski resort which, again, can be incredibly costly.

To find out more and book your ski coach hire service, please get in touch.

Inclusive Ski Packages with Coach Hire

We work with a network of travel agents and ski resorts that allow us to offer inclusive ski packages with coach hire. With our ski packages, you can book your transport, hotel, and equipment in one.

All our ski packages are bespoke, so please contact us to discuss your trip requirements.

Destinations for Cheap Ski Holidays

Over the years, ski resorts have been regarded as a playground for the wealthy; however, there are now a variety of emerging ski destinations. These smaller destinations are more affordable than the big resorts in Switzerland, for instance, and therefore it's not impossible to find cheap ski holidays.

Below, discover some of the best destinations in the UK and Europe for cheap ski holidays.

Nevis Range, Fort William, Scotland

Why not embark on a ski adventure on Britain's biggest mountain range? The Nevis Range in Fort William, Scotland, promises a week or weekend or snowboarding and skiing exhilaration, and it's just on the doorstep. Scotland is now one of the most popular destinations for cheap ski holidays, and we offer fixed-price coach hire to the Nevis Range from anywhere in the UK and select European cities.

Ski Coach Hire Nevis Range Fort William Scotland

Raise, Helvellyn, Cumbria

For ski and snowboarding beginner's, the Raise ski range in Cumbria is a fantastic choice. It has a gentle incline and is set in the heart of the Lake District, which means you can enjoy picturesque walks during your trip. After all, just because you're skiing, that doesn't mean you can't take in the surrounding beauty. Every year, we take hundreds of passengers to the Lake District, many of whom return annually.

Ski Coach Hire to Raise, Helvellyn, Cumbria

Alpbach, Austria

If you want to venture further afield and enjoy a cheap ski holiday in one of the best locations for the sport, Austria is an excellent option. The small town of Alpbach is a picturesque, sleepy town with slopes that will make you scream. Here, you can enjoy traditional ski weekends year-round.

Ski Coach Hire to Alpbach Austria

Aussois, France

This ski resort destination in France's Maurienne Valley is steadily rising in popularity, every year it gets busier. However, compared to the other ranges throughout France, it's still affordable. To travel by coach, it takes 12 hours, but what you lose in time you make up for in financial savings, as well as being able to take your own equipment with you. You will have scheduled toilet stops along the way.

Ski Coach hire to Aussois France

Val d'Anniviers, Switzerland

Last but not least, the king of skiing: Switzerland. It's one of the most sought-after destinations in the world, popular with millionaires many; however, Val d'Anniviers is a hidden gem. It's a town in the heart of the valley that is much cheaper than its neighbour. During the ski season, this is one of our most-travelled-to cheap ski destinations. Why not venture here with your family or friends?

To book your ski coach hire to any of the above destinations or otherwise, please get in touch.

Ski Coach Val d'Anniviers

School Bus Hire for Adventure School Trips

Looking to arrange a school ski trip? We've got you covered.

Adventure school trips are on the rise and, with that, the desire for affordable coach travel. At CoachScanner, we provide reliable ski-spec coaches and minibuses for school adventure holidays, including ski school trips in the UK and Europe. Some of our most popular school ski destinations include Scotland, Wales, and France. They're easy to get to, and the skiing possibilities are endless.

We have coaches available to transport up to 97 students at any one time and even more using multiple vehicles.

To discuss your ski school trip, please get in touch and speak to a member of our Ski team.

Book Coach Hire with Driver included

All our ski coach hire services come with driver included, which means you don't need to worry about additional costs. To get a fully inclusive quote for your ski holiday coach hire deal, please get in touch.



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